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Tuesday, September 04, 2012


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Cathy L.

My biggest challenge is remembering how to use the settings on my camera.


As a senior, I agree with Cathy! My biggest challenge is remembering how to use the settings on my camera! Thanks to you and CK for a chance to win this! It looks like a great issue. If I'm the lucky winner, you can convo me at ClubCK! ~Bev~


I think the thing that most challenges me about digital photography is working with the camera I have to achieve the results I want. I also want to figure out how to better use my flash. You convo me at ClubCK too. My username there is Bituin.

Ellen Schlagel

My biggest challenge is learning how to use and customize settings to get the results I'd like to see. If I am chosen as your winner you fan convoy ne at Club CO. I'm Mom2 Rascal. Thanks Erika!

Melinda T

My biggest challenge about digital photography is having way too many photos! I keep the good, the so-so ones and the funny/embarrassing ones, delete the obvious like the blurry ones or the eyes closed photos. And end up with more photos than I have the time to edit and scrap. And most are on my hard drive...I need help with finding the most economical way to print them!

Brenda B

The biggest challenge for me about digital photography is taking advantage of all the features my camera offers.


My biggest challenge is building my skills to get my camera off of auto. Thanks for the chance to win.

Wendy Vagner

My biggest challenge is knowing what setting to use when rather than using auto all the time !
Thanks for a chance to win.
Cheers Wens

Candee (ScrapJAG) Schamber

I need to remember the differences between f-stops and ISO. Can't wait to read this issue!
Thanks for the chance to win.

ScrappinEweRobyn (Robyn)

I just purchased a Panasonic camera last spring and have issues using the different settings. I am not sure what to use when...........I do like to play with the camera but hate to ruin photos that can not be taken again.
Thanks for the opportunity to win this fabulous magazine! I can be found on Club CK..........

Steffanie S

For me, it's balancing the light and the dark. I have a hard time with photos that areas of overexposure and also harsh shadows. Another issue, correcting color. I often have photos that have too much red in the skin tones, making everyone look sunburned!

Steffanie S

Question...am I the only one who can't seem to share any posts from this blog on FB? I click on the "FB like" icon above but it gives me a dialogue box that I can only see the top edge of---meaning I can't even see what I type and certainly can't see the "post" or "share" button. Just curious as this has been an ongoing issue for me on this blog.


My biggest challenge is that I don't know enough about my new Canon camera to set the settings properly. So my subject gets impatient and then I end up with a lot of quickly-taken and blurry shots!


I find editing my digital photos to challenging at times. Especially if they are over exposed. Thanks for a chance to win Better Digital Photos and Scrapbooking!


I'm so glad you participated in this hop because I'm now a subscriber to your blog! I like your topics & presentation & hope to learn a lot from you & your contributors.

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I envy those who will win! Are there lucky winners yet?

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