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Thursday, May 10, 2012


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Sally Cranney

I love seeing everyone's take on this challenge! So many fun layouts shared! WTG ladies!

Kelly R.

(hand waving in the air) I have a question!! is it different shades of a color or colors next to each other on the color wheel? I'm sorry to be a bother!

Kelly R.

everyone's LO is wonderful BTW!

Ashley Horton

Great layouts everyone! Love how you all shared how you thought through the design process for this challenge!

Erika Hayes

Kelly: It is NEVER a bother.. that is what makes this blog different. WE want to work together to expand our craft. I am excited that you asked a question and I would ask, may I post this question on the fb page. I think it is a very valid question. Here is the best answer I can give if anyone else has a thought please chime in! :

A shade is simply a color with black added to it, and a tone is a color with white added to it. SO if you have BLUE and add black you get navy-- add white you get baby blue-- if you used that color scheme it would be more monochromatic colors. With the analogous you would perhaps choose BLUE--BLUE GREEN--GREEN--YELLOW GREEN and YELLOW. They are side by side on the color wheel as opposed to differnt shades and tones of the same color. I hope that answers your question if NOT please let me know! Blessings e

Kelly R.

awesome! that helps alot! post away dear friend...I'm headed over there now! thanks much!

Colleen in NE

Great layouts and thoughts. I LOVED reading the thoughts. They were so real.

Andrea Niemeier

the thoughts made it awesome!


Super layouts, ladies! I enjoyed reading the first "thought", seeing everyone's layouts and the thought behind each lo!! Great start!


Thanks for the inspiration! I just tried an analogous color scheme for the first time - at least it was intentionally analogous for the first time. I really like it. I find the color combos relaxing and settled.


Fabulous first post and what inspiration! Great job ladies - I love all your work! I actually quite like working with analogous colours but don't do it enough.

Ladyofthelake (Andrea)

Am posting mine -- Blue (in various shades and tones) and blue-green (words and bird) and purple (a blue-violet and a lighter shade -- the matting under photos is a deep purple). Does that work?

Ladyofthelake (Andrea)

Mine's not showing up -- even as pending?

Gena McCauley

Thanks for the challenge! And what a challenge it was! :)

Margie Van Evera

Thank you for the challenge! This first "thought" was fun! Can't wait to see what's next!

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