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Analogous Color
We were thinking the other day that color can be a powerful way to convey emotion. Color can reach out and grab you, demanding attention or color can be calming, feeling like a place to snuggle up and take a snooze. Analogous colors are like a hammock beckoning your name; working well together because these colors are so close to each other on the color wheel. Due to the close proximity they share, analogous colors create a feeling of harmony and peace. Think of it as a warm blanket and soft pillow, they are peas in a pod, best friends, and cut from the same cloth.

Nature is a great place to look for inspiration for using analogous colors. Look at a sunset; the colors are right there, all snug tight on the color wheel; yellows, oranges, and pinks; working well together. If you were to look at an island from the boat, all the wonderful blues of the sky and sea blend right into the greens of the trees